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SEO in a Nutshell

Search Engine Optimisation (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving web rankings. When somebody searches for a business or service using Google or another search engine using specific keywords, if your site is effectively optimised, your website will appear towards the top of the results pages.

Why Does My Business Need SEO?
In an increasingly crowded online marketplace, more and more companies are fighting for those few coveted front-page slots. SEO is therefore a vital part of the web marketing toolkit. Improve your Google rankings, and your business is potentially going to be seen by a much bigger audience; and even more crucially, a more precisely targeted audience.

SEO Tools and Techniques
With a few simple tweaks, you can see a dramatic improvement in your website’s search rankings. It is important first of all to ensure that search engines such as Google recognise your website and, secondly, that they deem the content on your site to be sufficiently valuable and interesting to list it towards the top. Only then will you see an improvement in site ranking.

Search engine optimisation is a continuing process and Aura Internet employs a variety of SEO tools to ensure your website ranking improves, keeping your business a step ahead of the competition. These include: analysis of your existing website, keyword research, link development and web content audit. In addition, Aura offers a variety of SEO and web marketing training courses .

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