Training & Mentoring

Many companies do not possess the skillsets in-house to set up and manage e-commerce channels & social media tools. The pace of change in the digital economy is such that today’s designated tech manager is likely to find themselves left behind very quickly if they do not constantly develop their online skills.

Aura Internet offers a range of training courses and one-on-one mentoring sessions aimed at assisting companies and organisations who might just be planning their e-commerce journey to help them develop their systems. We also work with those companies that already have an e-commerce website but are looking for new ways to maximise its potential or integrate it more seamlessly into their existing offline business processes.

We provide private courses tailored to an individual company's requirements. We also work through Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland on a number of training courses.

We provide the following:
Social media courses
Digital marketing courses
eCommerce / Online selling courses
Search engine optimisation (SEO) courses

We also train on the following programmes

We've experience of a range of programmes, if you have a particular requirement contact us.